OH3HZ a Finnish radioamateur station

My name is Ari and I'm living in Hollola about 100 kilometers north of Helsinki a capital of Finland in square KP20SW.

I have been a ham radio since 1972, I passed exam when I was 14 years old and those days it took three months to  get a license and I had my 15th anniversary while I was waiting license paper and call sign to get on the air. I have been working most of my QSO's on CW.

I like everything that has something to do with motors, radios and computers. With radios I love to watch tubes glowing and smell of slightly burning dust on tubes.

With motors I love mild aroma of burning oil from two or four stroke engines. You can check what kind headaches I have acquired on that branch from other interests menu choice.

Then about computers, it was one of my hobbies in late 70's and early 80's. Then it came my profession in late 80's and still love them also.

I have two personal trainers (dogs) Keeshonds Ozzy and Yoda, they takes me out at least three times a day. There is no excuses I have to go...